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Sep 16 2015

Scheduled Maintenance at 02:00 am on 25th Sept 2015

Dear All,

We would like to inform you that we will be replacing FTP services with Hornbill’s web based File Manager on your cloud instance. As you are currently aware that data import files can be uploaded to your instance via FTP (as csv files) for scheduled import scripts, however FTP is unencrypted and any data transferred via an unencrypted protocol is unsafe.

To address this issue, we will deploy Hornbill File Manager on your instance on Friday, 25th September 2015 at 02:00am. Deployment process will take no longer than 10 mins to complete, during this period of downtime your instance will be unavailable.

FTP Service and File Manager will run simultaneously on your instance till 24th October 2015. On 25th Oct 2015 we will switch off FTP services on all Supportworks Cloud instances and you will only be able to use the File Manager to upload data import files. Please note that File Manager is based on RESTful APIs and it is possible to automate uploading of files programmatically.

Detailed user guide for the file manager is available at: https://files.hornbill.com/faq/Cloud/SwFileManager_UserGuide.pdf

Portal will also provide you access to the default customisation folders for self-service, dashboard, report themes and customer images.

Please note that the URL for File manager will be active once this maintenance is complete and user credentials for the portal will be sent directly to the primary contact for your instance.

Should you require any further information about this maintenance please email us at cloudsupport@hornbill.com

Kind Regards
Hornbill Cloud Team



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