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Feb 27 2013

Possible disruption to Myservicedesk.com instances (in UK) (27 February 2013)

Some UK Myservicedesk.com customers may be experiencing a slow-down in their Supportworks instances. Our infrastructure team discovered a slow ping (around 1:58pm) and are currently discussing the issue with our data centre provider.

We will post updates here as soon as they become available.

Update, 27 Feb, 2:22pm — The problem was resolved at 2:15pm. Please feel free to contact cloudsupport on
cloudsupport@hornbill.com if you experience any problems following this period of disruption.

Infrastructure Team.



Feb 12 2013

US Instances Unavailable (12th Feb 2012 06:00 GMT\12:00 CST)

Due to networking issues at one of our data centres in the USA, currently the services to our North America customers are unavailable. We are in contact with the data centre and monitoring the issue, if a swift resolution is not forthcoming then we will perform the migration of these instances to our secondary US data center.

In the meantime our effected customers will receive regular updates via email and can contact the Cloud Support team who will be happy to answer any further questions

Update 09:30GMT – All Services have now been restored and a full explanation will be posted once a incident review  has been completed.

Update 14:00 GMT – Following a review of this morning’s issue, it has been confirmed that the root cause of the issue was that both the transport fibres into our data centre underwent maintenance at the same time. Upon further investigation, it appears that over the course of time they were re-routed through 1 point of failure. Our data centre is taking immediate steps to rectify this and ensure that there is always 2 separate fibres into the data centre to ensure resilience.

Feb 08 2013

Scheduled Maitenance (17 February 2013)

We are planning to upgrade myservicedesk.com instances to the latest release of ITSM (version on
17 February 2013, at 00:05. The upgrade will take at most 1 hour, and requires downtime to your instance.

If your instance is subject to this upgrade, you will receive an email notification from the Cloud Support team.

If you have any questions/queries regarding this maintenance work, please do not hesitate to contact us on cloudsupport@hornbill.com



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