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Our cloud services support team operate 24x7x365 and are always on hand to resolve issues. When you call our cloud support line you will be talking to a real person with real expertise who is empowered to solve your problem. Most issues are resolved long before our customers are even aware of them because we are highly proactive in our infrastructure operations; monitoring and system automation which allows us to predict most system-related problems early on. That being said, we are smart IT people with a deep understanding of our systems and we would be the first to admit that things can go wrong and we will never try to pretend otherwise – our service availability reporting on this site says it all. By accepting that things might go wrong, our passion for supporting you is focused on beating the odds through prevention and continuous improvement, but more importantly when something does go wrong, it’s how we conduct ourselves and communicate with our customers as we resolve the issue that really counts – and that’s our number one focus. Like a fighter pilot we rehearse, practice, devise and revise and do everything we can to ensure that we never have to go to war, but when we do, we are ready for anything our systems might throw at us.

Service Monitoring Center

OneCall Promise

If you have a problem you just call us once, anytime and we will take care of it. Our OneCall Promise is built on our attitude to providing first-class support and is a formal commitment to you. The principal of this promise is simple – you’ll only have to call us once to report a problem and we will resolve it to your satisfaction – period. We will listen carefully, we will get to work and we won’t rest until you’re satisfied. It’s a big promise, and one that we don’t make lightly and to support this we only work with partners and suppliers who can promise us the same. This commitment goes to the heart of one of our driving core principles of “Customer First”.

No Junior Technicians, Call Centres or Gatekeepers

We have dispensed with the conventional “customer services” hurdles and bureaucracy, enabling you to talk directly to experienced professionals that have deep technical knowledge and are steeped in our corporate ethos of helping and not hindering.

Personal Technical Account Manager (TAM) for any Escalation

If your problem is escalated beyond the general run-of-the-mill support request, we will provide you with a single and empowered point of contact — a Technical Account Manager (TAM) will develop a deep understanding of your problem and will represent you inside our organisation. You’ll be provided a direct line to your TAM keeping you in full contact at all times, day or night.

We Want Happy Customers, Not Contractually Bound Customers

If you’re not impressed with our service within the first 30 days of your service being activated, we will simply give you your money back – no fine print or lock-ins. We want our customers to stay with us because they are happy, not because a piece of paper says they must.

Support Information

Our cloud support team are dedicated to supporting the cloud infrastructure, production instances and data backup/restore services, but do not provide support for general usage of the solution. If you have a non-urgent support enquiry that relates to general usage of our solutions then please use the support numbers found here https://www.hornbill.com/contact-us/ . If your problem is an emergency (for example, a production instance being unavailable) please contact us by telephone immediately, the odds are good we will know before you do.

Cloud Support Hours and Contact Details

  • Our Technical Support Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Send an email to  for an immediate automated response and tracking number
  • For emergency or infrastructure support call +44 203 286 0582


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