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Nov 10 2016

Issue with connecting to MSD and Hornbill via Virgin Media ISP

Some customers may be experiencing issues this morning. This is due to Virgin Media issues in the south of England (Our data centres use both BT and Virgin so are still accessible, however reverse connections and access to instances may be effected if Virgin is your ISP).

Unfortunately this is somewhat outside of our control, however we may still be able to assist by changing your Authentication type if you can access your instance, so please contact cloudsupport@hornbill.com if you are effected.

Update : Virgin Have confirmed that this is an issue at Bromley UK and network engineers have been dispatched with replacement cards to rectify issue. Next update from Virgin is expected at 11AM.

Update : Virgin have started to redirect routes around the effected switch and customers should now be able to access. If you are still having issues and are a virgin customer we recommend you contact virgin support.



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