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Oct 31 2016

Dirty COW

Here at Hornbill we take security very seriously, so when we received notification of CVE-2016-5195 which has been dubbed Dirty COW (Change on Write), we investigated our systems in order to identify if any of our servers were affected by this bug. The bug allows an attacker to potentially escalate a local account via gaining write access to read-only memory to that of root. This issue has existed in linux for nearly 10 years but has only recently become easier to exploit.

Inorder to exploit the bug and have an effect an attacker would need to be able to execute their own code on our servers. Whilst we fully believe this to be impossible (Our servers are never exposed to the outside world except for HTTPS\FTPS and then all the locations that are exposed have strict control including no code execution) we have taken action to patch all our linux servers and this process was completed earlier this morning.

For further information concerning Dirty Cow please see – https://dirtycow.ninja/


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