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Aug 28 2014

Notification of NON-Impacting upgrade on 8th September 2014 – USA Data Centres

We are planning to upgrade our infrastructure that hosts our US instances on Monday 8th July at 04:00am CDT  This is expected to take around 2 hours and should NOT impact availability of instances in any way

The upgrade is to software that manages the cloud infrastructure, and not the actual instance or the Supportworks server (No client change will be required).  All our testing has shown (along with 3rd Party vendor confirmation) that there should be no downtime required, however as with all maintenance there is a chance that it doesn’t go to plan (In the unlikely event we would expect no more than 30 minutes of downtime as we will simply revert the changes).

If you have any queries concerning the change please feel free to contact cloudsupport@hornbill.com

Jun 27 2014

UK Myservicedesk.com partial outage (27 June 2014, 10:15am)

by admin in Blog

This morning at 10:15am our UK data-centre came under attack from a sophisticated DDOS attack. Our Myservicedesk.com were not the target of these attacks but were on the same network as the target. This meant that traffic to our servers was being intermittently blocked which would have affected some of our users.

Our cloud support team reacted immediately, and the following is a timeline of the events as they unfolded:

10:15 – Our monitoring of servers indicated Slow Ping (average 120ms rather than 20ms) and packet loss (1 in 5)
10:17 – We contacted our data centre to report issue
10:19 – Communication sent to all effected customers
10:20 – We confirmed that a DDOS attack was under-way
10:22 – Our data centre started NULL routing the offending traffic
10:25 – Issue started to clear.
10:31 – Attack fully mitigated and all services returned to normal.

Now the issue has been resolved we will be working with our data-centre to ensure that steps are taken to avoid this in future (Including requesting that the targeted server be removed from the same network segment that hosts your instance).

Jun 23 2014

UK Myservicedesk.com partial outage (23 June 2014, 17:15pm)

by admin in Blog

At 17:15 we started experiencing intermittent network connectivity inside our cloud infrastructure that would have caused service disruption for a small number of our Myservicedesk.com customers. We began investigating the issue immediately, and full service was restored by 18:05.

Our initial diagnosis is that a network error occurred within our data centre providers network, and this disrupted communication between two critical parts of our cloud infrastructure. We have asked them to carry out a full investigation, and will pass these details on to customers as soon as they become available to us.

As always we aim to provide as little downtime as possible, and take outages like this very seriously. We will use any information gathered to further improve our cloud infrastructure and further improve it’s resilience.

Apr 04 2014

Scheduled Maintenance for Myservicedesk.com PRO customers (12 April 2014)

We are planning to carry out maintenance on your Myservicedesk.com PRO instance on 12th April 2014, during the agreed window of downtime, for a period of at most 1 hour. During this period of downtime, your Myservicedesk.com PRO instance will not be available. The maintenance work will involve upgrading your instance  to ITSM 3.5.3. The details of the functionality available in this release of ITSM can be found on Hornbill’s Customer Portal:


In advance of the upgrade, users can try out the latest version of ITSM by logging in to ukdemo.myservicedesk.com . The login credentials  can be found here:


Myservicedesk.com EXPERT and DEVELOPER customers are not affected by this scheduled maintenance.

If you have any questions/queries regarding this maintenance work, please do not hesitate to contact us on cloudsupport@hornbill.com

Jul 23 2012

DNS Server Errors – All SaaS instances.

by admin in Blog

At the present time our SaaS customers may be having issues connecting to their instances using their DNS address (customer.myservicedesk.com).

This is due to an issue our DNS provider is having.

They do not currently have an ETA to fix the issue, but you can keep up with any developments on their twitter feed here: http://twitter.com/zerigo

In the mean time you can connect to your SupportWorks instance using the IP address. If you do not have this please contact cloud support.

May 31 2012

Intermittent Disruption 31 May

by admin in Blog

You may have experienced some intermittent problems connecting to your instance around 16:05PM. The on-call team were alerted to the problem and they promptly established that there was an issue at our UK datacentre. A call has been logged with our datacentre provider to investigate the issue.

Apr 20 2012

No Maintenance

There are no maintenance events scheduled at this time.

Feb 07 2012


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